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Laser Toe Fungus Removal


Laser Toe Fungus Removal

Have you tried every home remedy and over-the-counter product, but nothing is working to cure your toenail fungus? Look no more; J’adore Beauty and Aesthetics can help you with a treatment to address this stubborn problem.

The complete removal of toenail fungus is an ongoing battle because it often comes back even after several treatments. J’adore Beauty and aesthetics offers a modern and safe treatment to eradicate your toenail fungus.

Laser Toe Fungus Removal is a newly introduced and FDA-approved treatment to remove toe fungus and prevent future fungus issues. If you’re facing the stubborn issue of toenail fungus, we advise you to book an appointment with the experienced providers of J’adore Beauty and aesthetics. They will provide you with the preferred treatment 

recommendations based on the severity of the toenail fungus.

What is Laser Toenail Fungus removal -A Brief Overview?

Laser Toe Fungus Removal is a safe and modern therapy to address toenail fungus (onychomycosis). This FDA-approved treatment attacks the organisms beneath the nail without damaging the skin cells and tissues. Our Clearlift Alma Harmony XL Pro uses a beam of high-temperature light penetrates through the toenail and shrinks the fungi around the infected area. It is the most preferred way to prevent the fungus from further spreading and reduce the discomfort associated with the infection.

The expert estheticians of J’adore Beauty and Aesthetics suggest that you can be an ideal candidate for Laser Toe Fungus Removal if you’ve tried all the medications, but the fungus keeps resurfacing or if you’d simply prefer to go the non medication route.

Laser Toe Fungus Removal is an almost painless procedure that offers effective results after 4-6 sessions. However, some patients get their desired results after several consecutive sessions based on the severity of the toenail fungus.

Benefits of Laser Toe Fungus Removal

Laser Toe Fungus Removal can offer significant benefits, such as it;

  • Stimulates the growth of new tissues
  • Eradicate the toenail fungus permanently
  • Promotes new and healthy nail growth

Is It Safe to Undergo Laser Toe Fungus Removal Treatment?

Yes, Laser Toe Fungus Removal is FDA approved and completely safe. But you need to ensure that only well-experienced and certified experts perform the treatment. Sometimes, this treatment may cause;

  • A sensation of bit warmth and tangling
  • Redness
  • Swelling

You need to follow the pre and post-procedure precautions to get better results.

Why Should You Choose J’adore Beauty and Aesthetics For Laser Toe Fungus Removal?

The laser experts at J’adore Beauty and Aesthetics use effective, safe, and sterilized tools to perform the treatment within no time. After the treatment, our providers recommend follow-up visits to ensure the toenail fungus is recovering and determine if you need additional treatments.

Get in touch with J’adore Beauty and aesthetics to learn more about Laser Toe Fungus Removal.

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