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Our mission

We at J’adore Beauty and Aesthetics are determined to spread compassion. We understand how skin-related issues can lower your self-esteem and lead to a less confident you. Our expert providers strive to provide you with a tailored-made solution. We do not believe in a one size fits all approach. Every client’s goals and needs are different.. Our staff takes pride in and stands by giving their clients realistic expectations every time. J’adore Beauty and Aesthetics has been in the market for the past two years and continues to make it a priority to help clients enhance their overall wellness and skin concerns.
J’adore beauty and aesthetics uses non-invasive and state-of-the-art approaches to provide clients with the most optimal results of Beauty and Aesthetics, which shows how we are committed to helping people achieve their beauty goals.

Meet The Team


Francesca Nicolas


Our Office Manager, Francesa Nicolas is a passionate and dedicated lady who has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and a background in Business. Having managed some of the best destinations for Beauty and aesthetics in Orlando FL, Francesa reviews J’adore as the best experience for her to date!

She believes a compassionate environment at a medical spa is the first thing that can relax and calm the customers, the soothing treatments and their outcomes still come the next! To provide an astounding experience to the customers at J’adore Francesa Nicholas continues to treat her clients with the same compassion and care that she has for her two young kids!

She believes in her ability to see beauty in strangely ordinary things. Her faith in God makes her focused and kind in what she does!

Megan Savatgy is a Board-Certified Advanced Practice Registered Nurse. Megan specializes in Aesthetic Medicine, Family medicine, Women’s health, Joint pain/injury injection relief and Weight loss. Megan has a diverse medical background, she has worked in the Emergency and level 2 trauma units, primary care, and Aesthetics. Megan has over 6 years of combined experience. Megan graduated from Our Lady of the Lake private college in Baton Rouge, La for her bachelor’s degree in nursing. She has also graduated from Purdue University with her master’s degree in Nursing. Megan found her passion in aesthetics and has been certified by Med Aesthetics for Basic and Advanced injection techniques. Megan has had multiple private trainings with aesthetic providers. She is always evolving her injection techniques and staying UpToDate on research. Megan always strives to continue to learn and be an innovative injector to set herself apart from others. Megan pays close attention to detail and wants the best for her clients. She’s incredibly passionate about helping patients look and feel their best and provides an individualized approach to treating patients through cutting edge non-surgical methods. Megan’s slogan is to “preserve one’s youth”. She is on a mission to create the perfect results that every patient is asking for but assuring patients realistic results and honest recommendations putting the client first.


Megan Savatgy

Board-Certified Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

Jennifer Hylton

Patient Coordinator/ Esthetician

Born and raised in Orlando FL, Jennifer Hylton is a Licensed Esthetician who attended school at Cortiva Institute in Maitland, FL. She has been in the industry for 4 years but continues to advance in her specialty to give her clients the best results possible. She specializes in Chemical Peels, Microneedling, Acne facials, Basic facials and Dermaplaning at J’adore Beauty & Aesthetics with certifications in Microneedling, Chemical Peels and is a face reality Acne expert. Jenn has always loved taking care of her skin growing up as a child and decided that she wanted to help educate women and men on how to gain their confidence back from changing their skin from the inside out. She has an eye for detail which really works to her advantage when dealing with her client’s skin concerns. She believes this is an industry where she can really change lives for the better one facial at a time. She loves to go to the beach, travel, do artsy crafts and spend time with her loved ones in her free time. Two words that Jenn’s loved ones would describe her as is positive and empathic, which are essential qualities to have when treating her client’s skin. It is important to be able to put yourself in your clients shoes and empathize with how they are feeling about their skin/concerns but also being able to give positive energy with knowing, this is not the end all be all. We have the same goal in mind which is to change their skin from the inside out and boost their confidence with every treatment and a consistent skin care regimen.

Jean F Rodney is a talented physician who is certified in Geriatric Medicine, Clinical Analytics and Internal Medicine. Having a flawless hold of English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Haitian Creole makes him easily available for his clients from different geographical locations! Being a Qualified Utilization manager, Jean F Rodney is focused on leveraging quality care delivery to his clients at the time of treatments. From admitting patients to assisting in procedures, Jean is the right hand person at J’adore! 

At J’adore, Jean’s presence makes it easier for clients and doctors alike to access to educated and updated services and staff. He ensures to educate the staff about the latest techniques within the medical spa, and also makes sure that the clients at J’adore can benefit from them! 

Jean F Rodney MD

Medical Director