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Host an Event with us

Let’s host your next birthday, bachelorette, wedding bash or corporation event. All private events are available for parties of 10 guests or more.

Please complete the form below and someone will reach out to you within 24-48 hours.

Please check out our FQA questions located below


Is there an incentive in booking a Botox party with JBA?

One of the best things about our Botox party is our incentive’s which is complimentary food, beverages, and music with the company of your party of choice. In addition to having a private event with our trained provider who is dedicated to your time.

How many guests can attend?

A minimum of 10 guests and a maximum of 20 guests

Is there a minimum amount of units needed to be purchased to attend the Botox Party?

Yes, a minimum of 40 units is required per guest. During the consultation with the provider, she will determine the amount of units needed in order for you to achieve the best results.

Can I get other services done at the Botox Party?

Not at the time of the Botox party but you can put a deposit down to schedule a future appointment for another day and time.

How many hours can I book the party for?

A maximum of 4 hours

Is there a fee for the Botox party?

No, but a minimum nonrefundable deposit of $50 is required for each guest who is attending, which is $500 for a total of 10 guests. This deposit will go towards your service and will be deducted from the rest of your total.

Will I receive Pre and Post opt instructions before and after my treatment?

Yes, we always send you your instructions at the time of booking your appointment, which are located inside of your patient portal. This will all be explained once Jennifer calls to confirm your booking.

Does the host get free Botox?

Yes, the host will receive free 40 units of Botox

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