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Multiple studies have shown that hair loss can lower your self-esteem and lead to anxiety, depression, and social phobia. If you’re someone who is concerned about hair loss or thinning hair, PRP hair restoration could be the perfect treatment for you. PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy uses your body’s blood sample to treat hair loss. It is a proven therapy to address your hair loss problems and grow new hair.

What is PRP for Hair Loss - A Brief Overview?

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy is a well-proven treatment for hair loss that involves taking the most potent healing cells in your blood – platelets – and injecting them into your scalp, reversing hair loss and growing new hair.

The term “platelet-rich plasma” implies platelets are generally about five times more concentrated in PRP than regular blood. These platelets generate growth factors that aid in wound healing and tissue renewal; hence this concentration of platelets is beneficial.

During the treatment, the client’s blood is drawn and placed in a centrifuge, separated into three different layers. The providers take the platelet-rich plasma layer and inject it into the areas of the scalp and hair follicles that face the issue of hair loss. This FDA-approved treatment triggers the activation of a particular group of cells known as papilla cells, responsible for hair growth.

The PRP hair loss therapy has gained much attention due to its results and minimum side effects. It shows effective results if you’re in the early ages of hair loss and have active hair follicles. People with extensive hair loss can also go with this treatment, but they need a series of sessions of PRP hair loss therapy and additional treatments to get effective results for maintenance purposes. Results do not show overnight; it takes several sessions to get visible results as well as being consistent and patient. You will need to come in once a month for 4 sessions or more, you will slowly start to notice hair growth in the areas that were injected and the surrounding areas. Your hair cycle reactivation involves the production of collagen and hair follicles which takes time. There are also things you will need to do at home to maintain as well.

Benefits of PRP Therapy for Hair Loss

PRP for hair loss provides you with flowing benefits;

  • Strengthens the hair
  • Increases the production of collagen in the hair follicle
  • Promotes the growth of new hair and increases the diameter of the existing hair
  • No allergic reactions

Is it Safe to Undergo PRP Therapy for Hair Loss ?

PRP therapy for hair loss is considered safe when performed by well-certified and trained providers. The treatment can cause mild side effects, such as;

  • Temporary hair shedding after the treatment
  • Headache
  • Redness
  • A mild sensation of pain

However, you can avoid these mild side effects of the treatment by following the pre and post-procedure precautions

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