Vita Slim ( WEIGHT LOSS)

Whether you’re hoping to enhance your current weight loss regimen or starting from scratch, a boost of fluids from Mobile IV Medics can help! Our weight loss IV drip is full of vitamins and nutrients that can target fat, jump-start your metabolism and help your body function better.




Best Uses for Vita Slim

Supports Changes to Your Body Composition

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Helps with Post-Workout Recovery

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Promotes Healthy Tissues and Cells

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Benefits of Weight Loss IV Therapy

When it comes to managing weight, IV therapy can actually be more effective than taking vitamins and staying hydrated orally. That’s because an IV delivers everything straight into your bloodstream without your digestive system filtering any of it out, giving you faster, more concentrated effects that last longer.

When you choose the weight loss drip package, the nutrients start working immediately to:

  • Optimize your vitamin levels and absorption: An IV provides large doses of the nutrients your body needs to function properly and efficiently.
  • Help you recover from workouts faster: When you fuel up on the things your body needs before working out, you’re less likely to overexert yourself or deplete your supply.
  • Boost your adrenal gland: When your adrenal gland is in top shape, so is your metabolism, ensuring you get the most out of every step you take.
  • Improve your sleep: Getting enough sleep is just as important as working out when it comes to weight loss. When you sleep, your body has the chance to repair itself using our IV vitamins so it’s ready to go for another day.

How to Make the Most of Your Drip

While our weight loss IV can boost your metabolism and give your body what it needs to thrive, nothing can replace the effects of a healthy diet and exercise. Our drip is designed to enhance your routine for faster fat burning, better toning and more efficient bodily functions that can lead to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

You can expect the effects of this drip to last around two to three weeks, so we suggest enhancing your weight loss routine with it once or twice a month.

What’s in the Weight Loss IV Drip?

Our weight loss drip package features key ingredients to aid your body’s natural processes:

  • IV fluid: IV fluids are the ultimate hydration tool. Dehydration is one of the top reasons people feel tired and unwell, so ensuring you’re hydrated is the first step in maintaining your weight loss plan.
  • Vitamin B complex: This collection of essential vitamins puts your brain in high gear. Healthy levels of vitamin B complex can boost your mood and memory while engaging your brain in breaking food down into energy.
  • Vitamin B12: Also known as cobalamin, vitamin B12 is what keeps your body functioning at the cellular level. As you age, you need to take in more vitamin B12 to maintain your levels and keep your metabolism going.
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is a key part of how your body burns fat. It also works with the adrenal gland, which manages your stress responses and fatigue levels.
  • Taurine: Taurine can help you focus your energy where you need it to be and may help increase your endurance.
  • MIC: MIC stands for methionine, inositol and choline — three essential lipotropic nutrients that aid in fat breakdown and metabolic processes.

Mobile IV Medics also offers a number of add-in boosters, including extra shots of vitamins, amino acids, NAD+ and certain medications. Be sure to ask about them during your session.

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