Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Lip Fillers

Lip injections are one of the most popular non-surgical treatments to enhance lips. No doubt, lip fillers can improve the appearance of your lips in a minimal time, giving you that pouty fuller lip. However, no matter how popular the treatment is, one should do their research before getting lip fillers.

You might have several questions in your mind like “Is lip fillers the right option for me?” or maybe you have seen a friend talking about her fuller lips, and you are ready to take the leap to get lip injections in Orlando. So, here are the answers to all your concerns about lip fillers, which you should know before making an appointment.

What to know before getting Lip Injections in Orlando?

Here we have shared the top 5 things you should know about lip fillers, so you will know what exactly to expect.

There are a variety of lip Fillers

In general, there are two types of lip injections. The first one is a semi-permanent injection, which, once injected, is irreversible. While the other one is a temporary injection and the effects of which can be reversed using another liquid.

Temporary lip injections are the most preferred option globally. This is because people get assurance that if they don’t like the results of the lip injection, they can have them removed or enhanced in another session. Hyaluronic acid is used to make temporary lip injections in Orlando. It is present in the human body, a naturally occurring substance. This clearly shows that the risk associated is very few, and the body will react well to it.

Lip injections are entirely safe and reversible

As already mentioned above, by opting for hyaluronic acid lip fillers, you can reverse the effect. Hyaluronidase is the enzyme used to dissolve the hyaluronic lip fillers quickly and safely. Usually, people don’t get their lip fillers changed or removed, but it is good and comforting to know that they have an option to remove the fillers if they don’t like the results.

Lip fillers don’t last forever

The effect of lip injections in Orlando does not last forever. Saying clearly, then lip injection lasts between 4 to 8 months, while some can last up to a year or two. Different patients get affected differently, as a result of the injection’s effect. After this period, you will start noticing your lips shrinking to their normal size, and you will want to book an appointment to get back that fuller pouty lips.

• Some risks with the lip fillers

When compared to surgical options, lip injections, Orlando carries minimal risk, but you should be aware of the danger before getting the treatment done. In general, a patient is asked to sign a consent form before the process, which legally states that you have understood the process and the risk involved with it. The risk includes redness, bruising, bleeding, and in some cases, scarring. Moreover, you can only get your lip injections in Orlando from a certified aesthetician or dermatologist to ensure your safety.

It is advisable to stop taking blood thinners, aspirin, or alcohol about a week before your enhancement treatment. By taking proper care of pre and post-treatment protocols, you can minimize the risk associated with the fillers.

You might not achieve the size you want

Many women visit the clinic showing the doctor a picture of a celebrity and expect them to achieve the specific size and shape. However, the shape you can achieve with the lip filler entirely depends upon your natural lip size and shape. Lip fillers cannot transform your facial appearance but using them can enhance your lips quickly.

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